[Sca-cooks] Documentation, was Bullpucky

James Prescott prescotj at telusplanet.net
Tue Aug 14 13:35:12 PDT 2012

A year or two ago I was judging entries including tongue and brains. 
If anything
I might have (subconsciously) given the candidates extra marks for 
being willing
to cook outside of the normal narrow North American box.

Regarding scholarly:  I remember a research paper from much longer ago that had
me up until 3 am reading it.  It was in costuming, which is not my area, but it
was so elegantly and convincingly written, despite being scholarly, that I was
blown away.  I could not judge of the right or wrong of the 
conclusions, but the
quality of the research and writing was still very obvious.

To the original poster:  Keep it up, one day you will get judges who treat your
entries with respect.


At 2:12 PM -0600 8/14/12, Kathleen Roberts wrote:
>  I recently did a Rumpbolt cooking entry, which included head 
> cheese.  I love head cheese.  Two of my judges did not.  The 
> documentation warned them it was made with toes and tails and 
> snouts and doubts (with some pork loin thrown in).
>  One basically said "I don't like it and food should taste good so I 
> have to dock you on it".  The other basically said "Well, I will be 
> honest, I would not eat this again, but I am glad I got to try it. 
> Based on what I am reading it looks like it turned out the way it 
> should have, so good work."
>  Go figure.  At least the one (who does not consider herself a cook) 
> could see what I was getting at with it.  The other (who fancies 
> herself a cook) was very close minded.
>  Documentation should not be so scholarly that it confuses the judge 
> who is not so "into" that area as the presenter is.  You never know 
> when someone was swooped off the street (so to speak) to fill in a 
> judging area.  I remember being grabbed for map-making once just 
> because I was a calligrapher and illuminator!
>  Side note:  The hunters at the event who tasted it loved it. ;)
>  Cailte

>>>>  yaini0625 at yahoo.com> 8/14/2012 1:59 PM >> ( mailto:yaini0625 at yahoo.com )
>   I presented a traditional Saami drink as a Pentathlon entry. It 
> was milk preserved with angelica. I received severe low marks 
> because it tasted sour. I even documented that it was going to 
> taste sour and not candy sweet. To me it means I have to work 
> harder in my explanations.

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