[Sca-cooks] recipe pondering for contest

Raphaella DiContini raphaellad at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 15:01:48 PDT 2012

I was asked to run the "siege cooking" contest at an upcoming war and since there were no theme requests I'm able to pick pretty much anything. I'm using the same format of giving them different skill levels of recipes, an extra "bonus" recipe, and having them "shop" for the ingredients which I will supply (which helps maintain proper food safety). Each group presents it's interpretations and tries everyone else's as well, and we all vote on the winner (although we may be adding judges). 
My self imposed restraints of logic are that they all be from the same source, or at least very similiar time and place, be feasible to cook on site, and of course be historically accurate for our agreed upon time range.  
My issue this time is that I'm hoping for something that's a good fit for both the categories (novice, and experienced) and both work well together as I usually offer the option of cooking both if they feel up to it. 
I had initally planned on offering a very simple sauce (which I've been told goes well on everything) for the novice, and a slightly more complex sweet/ sour chicken with onions for the experienced, and turnip or pear compote for the bonus. Now upon taking a step back I'm not sure they make a cohesive meal, unless I also offer bits of bread to try the sauce with. 
Since there is no way we are doing a full multi course meal in this format, am I just being too picky? 
In joyous service, 

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