[Sca-cooks] Watermelon gazpacho

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 15:44:06 PDT 2012

St Philip wrote:
> So, I ate at one of the restaurants at Pennsic, ordered Gazpacho, and
> got this. I discussed the possibility of this actually being a period
> type of dish wirth Cariadoc and Elizabeth, and with Brighid, since
> both Gazpacho and watermelons are period, but we came to  no firm
> conclusions. Anybody want to look at the evidence for this being a
> possibly period variant? It certainly tasted good ;-)
> http://imgur.com/gallery/z1e5h
I do not understand German but medieval "gazpacho" is still found in 
Valencia today and watermelon cannot be further from the pot. My in-laws 
are Valencian. The original gazpacho consists of veggies available on 
the family estate and whatever the lord of the house or his servants 
hunt early in the morning - mostly rabbit in our case. It is cooked all 
morning and served with alli-oli and Arab flat bread especially baked by 
the women from the village nearby who prepare and bake it in the bread 
ovens on my father-in-law's estate. We celebrate the "gazpachada" on the 
first week-end in September - it is a bit like the harvest festival 
especially as "the family" now consists of some 150 direct descendants 
of my father-in-law and spouses.
This tradition also coincides with the celebrations of the Moors against 
the Christians when men dress up and "fight" each other in the villages 
near-by. During the day is in the evenings we go to watch the parades 
and "fighting."
By the way, when my kids went to school in the states, their friends 
were surprised they did not know about cowboys and Indians. They had to 
explain that in our land its the Moors and the Chrisitans!


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