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Hi Dyonisia,

Congrats on your first feast!

This sounds very much like we do for our local 12th night celebrations. Make sure you have lots of counter space available (chances are you'll need more table space than you think for dishes folks bring) and that, if possible, lots of space extension cords (folks will bring hot dishes if they have somewhere to plug them in -- assuming cooler weather).

Repeats are necessarily a bad thing -- having two apple pies is good. Having all apple pies is what you want to avoid. To that end, google "potluck signup" and find an online tool you like. Advertise that tool with your event announcement and whenever you post about the feast to the folks attending the event. These tools can do things like advertise how many of what types of dishes you might want, and also lets folks see what other people plan to bring.

With a pot luck, you can usually get away with just a main, bread, and drink. People like to make desserts, and most other potluck dishes are either mains or sides...

toodles, margaret

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Good cooks of the known world.
I am looking for some direction in preparing my first feast.
We are looking at doing a pot luck meal with us providing 1 or 2 mains, 1 side, bread, dessert, and drink.
Has anyone done this before?
How do you make sure that no one repeats the same items that they bring.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Dyonisia Buleheued
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