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This is the second reason I rarely enter A&S competitions. (In fact, I can only think of one I ever entered, and it was around 10 years ago.) I entered a couple bardic competitions, as well, where documentation was "encouraged but not required"...but in one of them, I was told later by the judges that the only reason I did not win was that I did not provide any documentation, even though all three of my entries were the populace's clear choice (for a baronial champion's tourney). (In fact, all three of my entries were SCAdian written in period styles...a story, a song, and a dance...which was stated at the beginning of the performances.)

I'm still very wary of entering any competitions. By the time I make something (food/garb/etc.) I have usually researched through several sources, read and absorbed the information, and then go for it. I couldn't tell you where I got what information, and which sources I decided not to use for whatever reason. Writing a paper on it would take away the enjoyment of the activity. (Not to mention that I've often been told that judges don't really have time to read a paper, so why bother?) 

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I've long argued that requiring every work of period art to be accompanied by a term paper is an effective way of discouraging period arts.

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