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<<< I dont suppose you have anything on norse drink... I've been asked to 
teach a class on it [snort] but I'm coming up blank on any credible info… >>>

I'm not sure. You might try doing a search in some of the general beverage files for words like "Norse" or "Viking".

The search engine for the whole Florilegium doesn't seem to be working, but it works if you copy the link into a new window and execute it from there.

Are you interested in just Scandinavia or are you also including Iceland and Russia?

While I doubt it was imported or brought back to Scandinavia, there is kvass:
kvass-msg (78K) 4/18/10 Russian drink made from bread or grains.

fd-Iceland-msg (96K) 1/ 6/11 Food of medieval Iceland. Recipes.

Take a look here. I might have put some beverage stuff in here:
fd-Norse-msg (66K) 3/16/08 Norse and Viking food.

In the NORSE section:
N-drink-trad-art (18K) 7/31/98 "Norse Drinking Traditions" by Gunnora

Norse-food-art (8K) 7/26/94 Article on what the Norse ate.

You might also do a search on the "Viking Answer Lady", Mistress Gunnora's website and see what she has there.


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