[Sca-cooks] Catherine of Aragon's Culinary Contributions to England

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 14:40:57 PDT 2012

In another medieval/Renaissance Group I mentioned that this could be a 
topic. My specialty is Spain before Isabel I so for me this subject is 
just a pastime after work hours, which is amusing for me but I do not do 
serious research in this area or others concerning Spanish influence in 
culinary aspects of Renaissance Europe.
Someone replied to my remarks quite seriously asking if I am on the 
verge of declaring a Catherine of Aragon culinary turnover like 
Catherine of Medici.
I shall write him back that the answer is no way on my part. This is 
after my period.
It might be interesting for you specialists in Catherine's period to see 
and/or comment on what and who she took to England as dishes and/or 
personal cooks and if these were adapted by the English.
We have stories about María Terese, daughter of Philip IV of Spain, 
taking sponge cake and celery soup to win the heart of Louis XIV, her 
husband, through the stomach.
Taking a gander at Henry VII's, one might surmise that Catherine of 
Aragon could have influenced this area successfully . . .

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