[Sca-cooks] Re Giano teachable moment

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Wed Feb 1 20:32:12 PST 2012

>  >Mommy: "Hm, OK. What do you need if you want to cook milk rice?"
>  >Ariane: "Daddy!"

There are several recipes in Rumpolt for rice cooked with milk

Zugemüß 171.  Boiled rice in milk/ and when you 
dress it/ then give Driet (sugar and spices) over 
it/ like this it is good and well tasting.

Zugemüß 172.  Take rice/ and boil it in milk/ let 
it cook completely thick/ salt it/ and stir clean 
white sugar into it/ pour it on a clean board/ 
and put it nicely over each other/ let become 
cold/ and cut into pieces/ flour it well/ and put 
it in hot butter/ fry nicely slow/ so it becomes 
crisp.  And when you dress it/ sprinkle sugar 
over it/ and give warm on a table/ like this it 
is also good.

Zugemüß 173.  Rice cooked in almond milk/ is good and well tasting.

Zugemüß 175.  Take rice/ and wash it clean/ set 
good milk to (the fire)/ and let simmer/ until it 
becomes thick/ make sweet with white sugar/ and 
salt not much/ pour it on a dish/ and make a 
hedgehog of it/ take almonds/ and cut them nicely 
lengthwise/ and stick the hedgehog with it in 
place of the bristles/ and then let become cold. 
And when you want to dress it/ then pour a sweet 
almond milk over it/ like this it becomes good 
tasting.  You can also take clean black raisins 
in it/ and can stick one grain after another 
between the almonds/ like this it is even more 
elegant and better.


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