[Sca-cooks] Cookie Cutters

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Fri Feb 17 21:34:04 PST 2012

The bench knife is a metal rectangle about 4" X 6" with an edge on one of 
the long sides and the other set into a handle.  You can cut, scrape, crimp 
and flatten with minor changes in wrist position.  Unlike a knife, one side 
of the edge is angled while the other is flat.


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I certainly thought about this possibility, what what distinguishes this
from a knife (messer) also referenced in other recipes?


> Eisen is the generic term for iron and can cover ore, ingot, swords,
> daggers, horseshoes, branding irons, flat irons, etc.  The diminutive form
> and the described use suggests that this is a crimper or a dough (bench)
> knife.  I've actually used a dough knife crimping and cutting stollen
> braids.
> Bear

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