[Sca-cooks] Good reference for St George and the Dragon

Elise Fleming alysk at ix.netcom.com
Sat Feb 18 07:54:27 PST 2012

Mercy wrote:
 >So there is this fantastic video of the Hampton Court kitchens and 
 >they show St. George and the Dragon (I believe) in marzipan (again, I 
 >think).  What books would you all suggest I look at in order to 
 >document this?

You are looking for specific references to a St. George/Dragon used as a 
table decoration pre-1600, right?  I'm not sure if you will find a 
reference to that specific item, but there are certainly references to 
other non-food items used on dining tables which might be used as 
documentation for other items such as castles, trees holding edible 
fruits, fire-breathing animals...

Are you looking to document items made of something other than food? 
Or, just items made of food?

Alys K.
Elise Fleming
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