[Sca-cooks] Italian cake ?

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Fri Feb 24 02:22:03 PST 2012

I got a new Italian cookbook yesterday. There is a recipe for Spongata, they
call it a fruit cake but from the directions it's kind of a pie/tart. The
intro to the recipe claims "There is an historical document which attests to
the fact that a spongata was sent to the Duke Francesco Sforza of Milano in
1454."  The ingredients, other than the 2 Tbs. cognac for the filling can be
found in medieval time. Has anyone come across something call Spongata in
any of the Italian cookery books?
There was a Italian cookery books website that I had saved for future
perusal but it no longer exists.
Any directions or help is appreciated,

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