[Sca-cooks] looking for savory wafer redactions

Mark S. Harris marksharris at austin.rr.com
Sat Feb 25 21:46:56 PST 2012

We have discussed period wafer recipes here several times. While  
multiple, successful sweet wafer recipes and redactions have been  
posted, the few savory ones have had only so-so reviews, mostly  
complaining about them not browning or not getting crisp.

Has anyone come up with a redaction for a period savory wafer, that I  
can bake in my pizzelle iron, that they are happy with?

There has been a suggestion to use a softer flour such as pastry  
flour, rather than all-purpose flow, but I don't see any commentary on  
whether that worked or not. I'd like to bake savory wafers as a finger- 
food for a dance revel tomorrow (Sunday) night, but I may have to play  
it safe and just do my usual sweet wafers.

I have saved most of what has been discussed here in this Florilegium  
wafers-msg       (148K)  9/ 4/11  Period savory and sweet wafers.  

I am on the digest, so it would be nice if you can cc my email address  
of stefanlirous#austin.rr.com if you reply on Sunday.

Mark S. Harris
Electronics Engineer, Board and Systems Design
MarkSHarris at austin.rr.com

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