[Sca-cooks] Same artist/kitchen RE: another turkey picture?

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Tue Feb 28 02:15:15 PST 2012

>Sorry long way to it.
>If you get a white box with a red x in it, click on it anyway and the new
>screen will have the picture.
>F. Bassano
>Cena de Emaus, click on pic. which will take you to a new screen. click on
>that pic. to new screen to enlarge.
>Shows a kitchen, buckets, ladle, pots, lids, grater(?)lower left,....

Wonderful pictures!  I find it interesting that 
the same props appear over and over, I bet the 
cook got tired of him painting in the kitchen.. 
or taking things to where he painted.

Fragua de Vulcano - has a blacksmith / coppersmit 
with a number of bowls, tools, etc.

Viaje de Jacob- an outside scene milking sheep 
with bowls, pails, pitcher, ladles, etc.

El Otoño - making wine?  large tubs, pitcher, making a barrel, baskets, tools

Diciembre/Capricornio - a slaughtering scene, 
sausages, tools, a frying pan, buckets, a knife

Abril/Tauro - shearing/ slaughtering sheep and 
goats - buckets and tools.  In the background is 
a conical basket/wicker thing with a chicken in 
front, a chicken coop?

La vuelta del hijo pródigo - prodigal son - another kitchen scene

La Última Cena - last supper - plates, knives, 
goblets, glass decanter, large copper basin (for 
washing feet?) - in the background a dresser with 
rows of plates

Click "Ver los 8 siguientes" at the bottom  to see the rest

Mayo/Géminis - cheesemaking, a butter churn


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