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Well the newest class I have developed is called "Tempering the Passions" 
which is a practical application of the humoral theory to cooking (I 
taught it at Pennsic this past year after having developed it at local 
events over the course of a year).  The other class I have is a class on Redacting and Interpreting recipes called "Take a Quayle, and Sle Him".  But I see there are classes already on the schedule that cover those two topics.
So I was trying to think of what I could teach that doesn't require 
bringing more than a handout, and I have a class on Feast Planning and I was reminded that someone suggested I teach a class on how to put 
together a field kitchen. I could also do a class on cooking competitions.

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have you been in contact with Mistress Kate, the Cooking class coordinator? Was she aware of your intent?  I know she is trying hard to balance everyone.

What were you planning to teach?
What 'stuff' did you need?  Is it something that could be provided locally?

Please let me know how I may help?
Gwen co-autocrat, cook and bottlewasher for KWCB Cat

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Posted by: "Euriol of Lothian" euriol at yahoo.com   euriol
Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:25 pm (PST)

Well this is embarassing, the two class topics I wanted to teach are already being taught by someone else and I'm limited by what I can bring on the airplane.


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