[Sca-cooks] Translation

steve montgomery aeduinofskye at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 07:36:32 PST 2012

Good Morning,

I have been working on a translation/modernization of the 1575 A proper new
Boke of Cokery and finished it last night. I did it to see if I could and
to make more texts easily accessible to newer cooks. I left it in the
period format, all that I did was modernize the text and grammar.

I realize that translating an Elizabethan work is not as challenging as
other projects that members of this list have done but I don't speak
Italian. :D But I wanted to see if I could do it. I have some notes to put
together and a proofreading pass to do then I will put it up on my highly
neglected website. Of course I have to install Dreamweaver on the new
laptop since the old computer died.


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