[Sca-cooks] Ok, not quite finished.

steve montgomery aeduinofskye at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 21:27:04 PST 2012

While lounging in the hotel at West Kingdom 12th Night on Friday, I did a
third pass with my wife and she caught some formatting issues and there
were some terms I didn't find modern equivalents to.  So, I'm going to
query the knowledgebase that is this list.

Sinettes. It is in a section talking about birds.

Pricked and sorrel sister. Just after deer.

Lynge, Haburdyn with mustcarde, Base. Tench in Jelly or gressell. Looking
for gressell in the last. All of these are in the section on fish days.

Brette. Creues. Also in fish days.

Any help would be appreciated and credit given in the bibliography.


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