[Sca-cooks] Ok, not quite finished.

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Mon Jan 9 15:16:47 PST 2012

> While lounging in the hotel at West Kingdom 12th Night on Friday, I did a
> third pass with my wife and she caught some formatting issues and there
> were some terms I didn't find modern equivalents to.  So, I'm going to
> query the knowledgebase that is this list.
> Sinettes. It is in a section talking about birds.


> Pricked and sorrel sister. Just after deer.
> Lynge, Haburdyn with mustcarde, Base. Tench in Jelly or gressell. Looking
> for gressell in the last. All of these are in the section on fish days.

Ling - large deep water relative of cod (possibly also ling cod (AKA burbot, 
barbot, or lotte) the freshwater cod.  I doubt this second usage as barbot 
or lotte are the medieval French).

Haburdyn - try harburden, salt cod.

Base - probably bass deriving from the ME bars meaning perch.

Tench - A type of freshwater or brackish water carp.  Gressell - probably 

> Brette. Creues. Also in fish days.

Brette - Birt (see Boke of Nurture for reference joining the two) AKA 

Creues - Crayfish (ref. A New English Dictionary founded on historical 

> Any help would be appreciated and credit given in the bibliography.
> Thanks,
> AEduin

Have fun.


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