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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sat Jan 21 15:48:56 PST 2012

See, you just need to come down to the next Gulf Wars in March and  
enter them in the (rather non-period) Gleann Ahbann BBQ contest!

Besides, then I would finally get to met you in person!


Any new reports?

I didn't mention that when I had a smoker we used to do 10-12 pounds
of wings for the faculty holiday parties. I would smoke them first and
then grill them with the sauce to finish the next day. It was a long
involved process.


On Dec 28, 2011, at 11:52 AM, Michael Gunter wrote:

> Now that my new smoker is seasoned and I have 12 lbs of pork
> shoulder taking up space in the
> refrigerator, I need to make some sausage tonight. snipped
> Any suggestions on the smoking or sharing of your 12th Night gifts?
To: gleannabhann at yahoogroups.com
Subject: Gulf Wars Annual Barbeque Contest
Posted by: "Barbara Easley" barbara.easley at fedex.com kane1lissa
Date: Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:23 am ((PST))

Do you cook a mean shoulder? Got the best wings around? Love your  
lovely smoked salmon? Are you a Rib Master? Burger-meister?

Prove it!!

Announcing the Gulf Wars Barbeque Championship! It is open to anyone  
that attends Gulf Wars. This Sanctioned event will be held in  
conjunction with the Gleann Abhann Social on Tuesday night, one of the  
premier events at Gulf Wars!

It is New and Improved this year! We have added new catagories to enter!

The catagories are as follows:
Primary Categories: (point system 5/3/1; that's 5 for first place, 3  
for second, etc,)

Secondary Categories: (3/2/1 point system)
CourtYard Cookers (i.e., backyard grillers)

Tertiary categories: (one point for the winner)
Best Sauce
Best Presentation
Best Heraldic Display

BBQ rules are:

Primary categories: MUST be entries with a minimum of 30 pounds of  
meat each. ALL of the Primary categories must be smoked using a  
charcoal and/or wood fire. Direct-heat grilling is prohibited. Propane  
is prohibited.
Pork is all forms of pork.
Beef is all forms of beef.
Other is any form or mixed forms of meat (Shrimp and bacon, for  
instance) or meat and vegetable combinations such as shish kebabs. Any  
meat, fish, fowl, or seafood is acceptable. Remember that they MUST be  
smoked and not grilled! Vegetarian entries are not allowed: see  
Secondary Categories.

Secondary categories: MUST have 15 pounds of food to enter. ANY  
grilling, smoking or cooking method may be used: wood, charcoal,  
Secondary WINGS!!: Wings may be from any fowl and cooked in any  
fashion: baked, fried, smoked, grilled, etc. Wings may only be entered  
in the Wings!! Category.
CourtYard Cooker entries may be meat or vegetable or a mixture (such  
as shish kebab). Burgers, sausages, hot dogs, steaks, chicken legs,  
portobellos, vegetarian foods, etc., may be entered and cooked by  
smoking or grilling.

Tertiary Categories: Any number of sauces may be entered. Sauces may  
be presented with or without a meat entry. Only the best single sauce  
will win.
Presentation is an important part of judging, so one winner will be  
awarded on the presentation of a Primary or Secondary entry.  
Presentation: to the judges via the entry box.
Heraldry is an important part of our Society. One winner will be  
selected representing at least one Primary or Secondary entry.

NO meats or foods may be prepared off site and entered; all cooking is  
to be done on site. Marinades, Sauces and Rubs may be prepared off  
site and brought separately.

Standard BBQ rules will apply as to preparation and acceptable non- 
poisonous cooking methods.

Timely entries: Late entries will NOT be accepted, no exceptions, no  
excuses. Entries must be entered at the time slot required or they  
will be disqualified.

The Grand Prize is for the contestant with the most points for the  
day. The Royal’s Choice Award is for the single favorite food item  
entered. Prizes will be awarded for each Winner in each category.

PLEASE forward this to as many lists as possible!! Let others try to  
best us! Bring it ON!!!!

And please, enter yourself so that we may keep the Championship here  
in Gleann Abhann, where it belongs! <G>

All foods will be served at the Social. And the prizes: I promise they  
will be worth fighting for!

Ever in Service,

Duchess Ilissa the Nightwatcher
Gulf Wars Barbeque Championsip Cooking Contest

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