[Sca-cooks] ground powder sugar

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Wed Jan 25 18:22:49 PST 2012

> On 01/25/2012 06:56 PM, Deborah Hammons wrote:
>> Something else to consider.  Usually the blender o matic is a concoction 
>> of
>> metal blades, not stones for grinding.  Heating sugar changes the taste,
>> whether or not there are any anti caking agents in the commercial stuff.
>>   Just as heating flour changes the taste, and properties.  Has anyone 
>> tried
>> a stone bur grinder to reduce beet sugar?
>> Aldyth
> Is this heating-of-the-blades thing based on some quantifiable data, or 
> some assumptions? For example, steel blades are tempered to hold an edge 
> (assuming they are actual blades); stone has not. A blender's motor can 
> get warm, sure, but so can a stone mortar and pestle, just from friction, 
> and you're probably leaving your sugar in that warming mortar for longer 
> than one would an electric device...
> Just wondering where the differential line really lies...
> Adamantius

Sucrose melts at 367 degrees F where decomposition occurs.  To get a heat 
related alteration, I would think you would need to get the temperature well 
above 100 F (having eaten sugar at that ambient temperature).  The stainless 
steel cup of my grinder doesn't get close to that.

It occurs to me that rather than steel or heat, the sugar may be picking up 
trace oil from the plastic components.


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