[Sca-cooks] Winter revel feast

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
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At Thu, 26 Jan 2012 14:58:29 -0800 (PST), jamie brown wrote:

The one additional piece of information I would like in such a report is the sources for the various recipes. You mention some but not all. It's particularly interesting if someone is working from a source I'm not already familiar with.

>Hello to all, 
>I have been asked to report on the feast that I did last weekend. As this is the first time I have sent such a report to this list please let me know if you would like more (or less) information.
>The feast served 65 plus a head table of 6 and 8 staff. 
>The menu was as follows.
>Stuffed dates
>pickled vegetables
>bread and cheese
>chicken soup
>Smoked chicken with Lemon sauce
>spinach pie
>sallat of apples and onions
>carrots in a sweet sauce
>Beef with turnips and carrots
>italian stuffed eggs
>poached apples
>pear cakes
>I was very happy to see very little food came back. About half the tables didnt eat very much pickeld vegetables. The apples and onions went over very well as did the stuffed dates. I seem to always fall back on Loysens for a vegetarian dish and it is always popular but it always slows down service. The stuffed eggs I took from the Neopolatin recipe collection but didnt deep fry them. I served them looking like a deviled egg. I served the lemon sauce also from Neopolatin recipee collection in small gravy dishes on the side and it was well liked with the smoked chicken. The chicken was smoked on a pig roaster and I thought was beautiful with its crispy golden skin. The beef was a whole chuck trimmed and cubed. I cooked it with fat I save from new york strips with spices and a bit of vinegar in a roaster oven until it was tender and then put on the smoker to stay warm until service. 
>I am glad to share any recipies if anyone is interested. The feast sold out and seemed to be well recieved. 
>Merraede ( middle kingdom)


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