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Though I have been admonished severely for forwarding things in the past and
have been good at not doing as I do not like getting electronic a$$ chewings
but I'm going to be bad this once and I am forwarding this to see if anyone
can help.

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      Hello All,

      Andrew Zimmerman was in Fez, Morroco and was given a dish to sample
that was served to visiting Kings in period. But the name of the dish was
not mentoined. I am curious to ask if there is an equivelent recipe or name
that can be found in or around the same region.

      The ingrediants mentoined are:
        Red onion
        Broiled Tomatoes (probably not in the orginal recipe)
        Braised Lamb's testicles
        Noodle (this is a cross between pasta and crepes. It appeared to me
to be crepes "chiffon-nod" or "feel-o" dough cut into ribbons)
        The whole thing is served on a large platter and garnished with hard
boiled eggs

      I am also wondering of anyone else had seen this episode and became
curious about the recipe.

      Like I said, there may not be an exact recipe in period for the
ingrediants mentoined. But there must be something similar. Dishes tend to
travel around in some form or another.

      Helena Panier

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