[Sca-cooks] Book Question

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Fri Jul 13 08:41:01 PDT 2012

It's a non-scholarly look at the spice trade from Late Medieval through Early Modern and how it affected Venice, Lisbon and Amsterdam.  It's a fun, easy read and you may find questions to pursue in greater depth.  It does not get deeply into the intracies of the spice trade or look at the trade much before the rise of Venice in the trade, as I recall.  I have had the paperback for several years and I was able to purchase the hardbound edition for my collection this Spring at a reasonable price, but I haven't re-read the book or compared the editions.

A more detailed but equally entertaining look at the spice trade is John Keay's The Spice Route.

Most, if not all, of the books on the spice trade lack detail on the trade in Europe between the 5th Century and the dissolution of the Western Empire and the 11th Century and the beginning of the Crusades.


> Just picked up "The Taste of Conquest; the rise and fall of the three great cities of spice" by Michael Krondl. Does anyone know anything about it/ have an opinion in its regard? 
> Daniel 

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