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Tried to send again but still to big. 

On Jul 15, 2012, at 4:15 PM, David Walddon wrote:

> There is quite a long and interesting entry in De Honesta regarding cucumbers and melons BK 1 #21 De Cucumeribus. Here is the start of it (Milham's translation except for the parenthesis)  - "Pliny avers (asserts in the Latin Text) that cucumbers of excessive size are called melons. I must confess my error, that the delight I get from eating a melon led me astray, for I not only place them above cucumbers but any other sort of food. There are three kids of cucumbers. The largest is blueish and less harmful, for it moves the bowes and seems especially helpful to the stomach in summer because of it's coolnes . . ." 
> I goes on and covers almost a full page. 
> Besides Fuchs Gerard and other herbals will be helpful and a quick search on LEME (mentioned today in a previous message) gives you tons of useful information. 
> I posted some of the recipes from PPC 95 for cucumbers but the system said the message was too big and is waiting for approval (probably the insertion of the excel table. I will go back and try to get the size down. 
> Eduardo 
> On Jul 15, 2012, at 3:58 PM, Terry Decker wrote:
>> Depending on how long you planned to store them, a stoneware crock or a barrel would be the appropriate choices.
>> As for the types of cucumbers, check the Florilegium http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-VEGETABLES/Cucumbers-Hst-art.html and for drawings check out Fuchs Herbal pg 401 at http://www.med.yale.edu/library/historical-old/fuchs/400-1.gif for Cucumis sativus vulgaris (looks like a plain ole warty cucumber to me).
>> There are a few more things labelled Cucumis on the following pages but they are melons, New World squash, etc. with the exception of Cucumis sylvestris (wild cucumber) which may be your Egyptian hairy cucumber.
>> Bear
>>> what container would pickling have been done in?  and for a period recipe,
>>> should I use kirbys, or regular?  I figure it's not the egyptian hairy
>>> (cucumis chate).  Might it be the "burpless" English ones I see sometimes
>>> in stores?
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>>> Ian of Oertha
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