[Sca-cooks] Morat,, Cyser or Fruity Mead source recipe help

Mercy Neumark mneumark at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 15 18:16:23 PDT 2012

So, I was trying to find a source for a Morat Mead recipe since it is Roman/Greek (a Mulberry Mead). It is mentioned in Gayre/Papazian's Mead book, but the original recipe isn't there and I really want to find the original recoipe if possible and not just a reference to "a really popular Roman drink" if you know what I mean.  I've looked through Apicius, didn't see it, but I am blind and miss things like this all the time.  Does anyone happen to know any other sources for honey meads that are mixed with berries?  It doesn't HAVE to be Mulberries.  Honestly any brewing type of drink that uses Blackberries would be lovely. 

Thank you!



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