[Sca-cooks] pickling

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Sun Jul 15 22:03:38 PDT 2012

>Oh, and remember, not all pickles are cucumbers.  Got a recipe here for
>gillyflowers, pennyroyal or cowslips or broom flowers, not to mention
>chibols(?), radishes, carrots, turnips, scallions, skirrets (?)

chibol  English dialect a spring onion

Sium sisarum (Skirret, Crummock) is a perennial plant of the family 
Apiaceae sometimes grown as a root vegetable. It has a cluster of 
sweet, bright white roots which are similar to sweet potatoes, but 
longer (15-20 cm). Skirrets may be boiled, stewed, or roasted. The 
woody core is inedible, and should be removed before cooking because 
it is difficult to remove after.
The skirret is of Chinese origin, but may have arrived in Europe in 
early times: it is presumed to be the siser mentioned by Pliny the 
Elder as a favourite of the Emperor Tiberius (Natural History, 
19.27.90), and was also grown by the Picts.
The plant grows about 1 m high and is very resistant to cold, as well 
as pests and diseases. It is usually grown from seeds, but may also 
be started from root divisions. Lack of moisture makes the root more 



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