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<<< The vinegar barrels in the painting don't show the insides.
I am not clear when toasting became the ONLY way you could get a  
barrel (like it seems to be now!) so not sure.
Waxed? I think that is mostly because we don't like tannin in our  
water, no?
Interesting questions.
I have no answers.
Anyone else?
Eduardo >>>

You can still get fresh wooden barrels, but they aren't cheap. The  
charring comes from the bourbon industry and perhaps other beverage  
producers. There is a definite used market for these barrels and they  
go down in price from use to use and there is a definite order.

You can find more info on this, and on period barrels, is this  
Florielgium file in the CRAFTS section:
coopering-msg     (56K)  5/26/11  Making and maintaining barrels and  


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