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Is morteruelo made off liver? I ate it only once, in the beautiful
Middle Age city of Cuenca, in Spain, and I could not decide which the
ingredients was, it was oats and fat and the meat was jellified. Maybe
as a kind of haggis or the Swedish pölsa.

On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 11:53 PM, Suey <lordhunt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sharon Palmer wrote:
>> Rumpolt doesn't use the term foie gras, but has a
>> recipe for fattened goose liver.
>> Gan?  5.  Roasted goose liver wrapped with a
>> calves caul fat/ and nicely clean roasted/ when
>> you dress it/ then give a green broth under it/
>> or a brown broth/ that is not sour.  And I have
>> roasted liver from a goose that the Jews in
>> Bohemia fattened/ that weighed a three pounds and
>> some ounces.  One can also make a pottage from
>> it/ as was  previously told.
> Would morteruelo be qualified as foie gras as it is a  liver sauce?
> Suey
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