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Thanks Ranvaig,
I'll add that to my list. I find the reference to the Jews of Bohemia interesting because it was my understanding that foie gras isn't kosher. Maybe that's a more modern interpretation of the kosher rules, or the fattened livers in Bohemia were the result of natural gorging behavior rather than gavage.
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Subject: [Sca-cooks] foie gras, was Ambergris

>  My current culinary luxury obsession is foie 
>gras. I can only get it here until the end of 
>the month when prohibition kicks in. Yes, I will 
>be exploring the period foie recipes at both the 
>upcoming cooks playdates (West Kingdom A&S and 
>West An Tir War).

Rumpolt doesn't use the term foie gras, but has a 
recipe for fattened goose liver.

Gan?  5.  Roasted goose liver wrapped with a 
calves caul fat/ and nicely clean roasted/ when 
you dress it/ then give a green broth under it/ 
or a brown broth/ that is not sour.  And I have 
roasted liver from a goose that the Jews in 
Bohemia fattened/ that weighed a three pounds and 
some ounces.  One can also make a pottage from 
it/ as was  previously told.


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