[Sca-cooks] foie gras - morteruelo

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 16:00:22 PDT 2012

Ana Valdes  wrote:
> Is morteruelo made off liver? I ate it only once, in the beautiful 
> Middle Age city of Cuenca, in Spain, and I could not decide which the 
> ingredients was, it was oats and fat and the meat was jellified. Maybe 
> as a kind of haggis or the Swedish p?lsa. Ana
The traditional ingredients for moteruelo from Cuenca, which happens to 
be regarded as the best in Spain are:
1/2 wild hare or rabbit
1 partridge
1/4 hen
1/4 serrano ham
1/4 pig liver
1/4 panceta (bacon)
300 gr breadcrumbs
150 cc olive oil
ground cloves and cinnamon

Could that be qualified as foie gras or not?

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