[Sca-cooks] My dinner de-brief

James Prescott prescotj at telusplanet.net
Sat Jun 2 22:48:23 PDT 2012

Lemons used extensively in Belgium in second half of 16th Century (Casteau's
Ouverture, published 1604).


At 10:04 PM -0700 6/2/12, David Friedman wrote:

>  Where are you imagining the feast happening? Lemons might have been 
> available in Italy, but I'm not sure how much farther north. 
> Wikipedia claims that lemons entered Europe no later than the 1st 
> century AD, but were not widely cultivated, and that  " The first 
> substantial cultivation of lemons in Europe began in Genoa in the 
> middle of the 15th century."

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