[Sca-cooks] My dinner de-brief

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Sun Jun 3 13:01:27 PDT 2012

>>What's the earliest mention anyone here has seen of citrus fruits north of 
>>Spain and Italy?
> It's not early, but Rumpolt has a *lot* of recipes with lemon. Including 
> salted lemons, which would travel better than fresh lemons.
> Ranvaig

Lemons show up in Sabina Welserin (1553).

I have encountered a reference to oranges being delivered to Southhampton in 
a Spanish ship in 1290, but have not located the original source.  Queen 
Eleanor (wife of Edward I) is supposed to have purchased some, so there may 
be a reference in the royal accounts.

John Lydgate (1370-1451) references oranges and lemons in the poem Pur le 
Roy celebrating the arrival of Henry VI in London in 1432.


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