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I've played with German a bit in recipes, both period and non, and I
can make a few suggestions.

First, get a modern dictionary. May not have all the words you need,
but will have quite a few of them- German hasn't really changed a lot
in word structure, although some spellings have.

And, understand about the language. The two most difficult things for
most Americans to deal with are the verbs being at the end, as with
Latin, and the compound words. Now, Germans don't do compound words
quite like we do. We may have bookkeeper- they will have
nextdoorneighborscounsinsauntssisterson. If the word is 3 yards long,
break it into bits ;-)

Thirdly, if you can't find a word in the dictionary or the Rumpolt
word list, step back and look at what else you've translated, and see
if you can figure out what YOU might have put there. Do a reverse look
up (your English word translated back into German) and see if that
helps. Germans tend to be methodical and logical, so if the topic is
baked goods, they aren't suddenly going to  go off into a discussion
of their great aunt Matilda's canary.

I'm not really a translator- although I do it occasionally, I'd much
rather be working with food than with paper- but I have done a few
translations, and I think maybe this will help ;-)

On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 11:27 PM, V O <voztemp at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Just kind of a question for Ranvaig and maybe you other german translators out there.  One of the Recipes in a 1940 book is all in German, do you think that your translations of the Rumpolt book would be helpful in translating this more modern one?
> I have looked at your word lists on the Rumpolt site, a while ago, but before I go in and try to do it, i would like to know if I might have a chance.
> Thanks!
> Mirianna
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