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Ohhh Thanks Johnna. I just searched "culinary", "cook" and "food" and found several interesting things. 
I found the source I think Urtatim used for her recent feast, another on food in medieval Cairo (Urtatim I'm pointing this at you) and one on processing food in Ancient Rome. I'm sure other search terms will mine more gold :-)
Juana Isabella
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Not to get anyone's hopes up but Brill Online has 

A Soup for the Qan: Chinese Dietary Medicine of the Mongol Era As Seen in Hu Sihui's Yinshan Zhengyao Introduction, Translation, Commentary, and Chinese Text. Second Revised and Expanded Edition Authors: P. D Buell; E. N. Anderson. 

It's available through Brill's Collections:  Asian Studies E-Books Online. Look for it through major university collections. For what Brill publishes see http://www.brill.nl/


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