[Sca-cooks] Beef Jerky Recipe OT OP

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 14:59:54 PDT 2012

Johnna Holloway wrote:
> Subject: [Sca-cooks] Beef Jerky Recipe OT OP
Johnna called "beef jerky" OT and OP - I don't see it as that -
"Cecina" - jerky is coming up soon in my blog - Medieval Spanish Chef. 
It has been traced back to the 10th C in Leon and before that to the 
Jews who used it instead of salt pork and ham in Spain.
I don't know if I can use or adapt the recipe Johnna provided but today 
I have been overwhelmed with a recipe calling for 32 liters of wine, 86 
lbs of something else -
Its nice to have recipes one can try out without having to have a 
mathematician on board!

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