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Sat Jun 23 17:57:15 PDT 2012

Juana Isabella wrote:
> We had a cooks playdate last weekend at kingdom A&S tourney and preparing for the much 
> bigger cooks playdate at West An Tir war in a couple of weeks. 

I was so sorry to miss it! I twisted my foot while repacking my van after using it to haul Balinese gamelan instruments to two concerts in San Francisco (Cowell Theater in Fort Mason) and then a huge long concert up in the Sierras. Great concerts, lousy painful swollen foot.

I was sooo looking forward to it (especially since i will miss West Antir War Cooks' Camp). These "playdates" give me a chance to play with less dramatic recipes (Cilbir, Lalangade, etc.) that are daily Ottoman dishes, not feast food. I even got a nice set of fire tools last year off FreeCycle, and at Pennsic last year i bought a ceramic pot with a little tripod to use over live coals. I was so looking forward to getting to use them!

At least there's some upcoming (non-SCA) excitement afoot: a small group of us gamelaners is working with a composer and some dancers and some other crazy folks (at least one of them in a Faraday Suit - hey, it's full-body chain mail!) on a performance at The Crucible (http://thecrucible.org/) using Balinese gamelan instruments and a MUSICAL TESLA COIL, known as the Zeus-a-phone - IIRC, the owners of the various Tesla coils are Omega Recoil (http://omegarecoil.com/). This should be... stimulating... exciting... electric!

Someone sometimes known as Urtatim

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