[Sca-cooks] Young Walnuts, was Honey Bacon War Siege Cooking review

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Mon Jun 25 14:09:41 PDT 2012

Aruvqan wrote:
> On 6/23/2012 8:36 PM, lilinah at earthlink.net wrote:
>> IIRC, someone in our Kingdom (Aurelia de Montfort) made this sort of thing with young walnuts off 
>> her own tree a few years back. I was excited to try it, but apparently few people were, being put 
>> off by its tarry black appearance. Oh, well, they don't know what they missed!
> I admit, that would pretty much turn me off.

A few years back i was in a very nice tapas style restaurant with my daughter and her boyfriend. She is a vegetarian, so he and i shared meaty or seafoody things. We had a couple different plates of duck, but he just couldn't eat the squid in its ink - he said it was the color that put him off.

> I also have textural 
> problems with something that to me needs a firm bite but ends up 
> jellyish. <shudder> or if I end up with a tiny fragment of hard like 
> eggshell or nut shell - I think it actually dates back to an emergency 
> room run for a fishbone stuck in my throat at 5 years old. For years I 
> refused to eat fish until it was thoroughly mashed up, and dressed with 
> butter and lemon.

Yesh, i have textural issues, but different ones. So far tripe is one i can't like. I've tried Mexican tripe, Peruvian tripe, Thai tripe, tripes a la mode de Caen... the texture gets me every time.

Octopus is good, jelly fish is good, properly prepared squid is good, jellied consomme is good.

I don't eat gristle either, although i had a friend who loved the stuff. If we ate chicken together, she'd eat all the gristle and go after the bones (she'd eat the ends off).

Someone sometimes called Urtatim

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