[Sca-cooks] Four queries

James Prescott prescotj at telusplanet.net
Thu Jun 28 22:51:03 PDT 2012

Greetings all,

There are four bits of information that I have been utterly unable to
find, not in my own books, and not via Google.  If anyone happens to
have answers, or pointers to answers, I would really appreciate it.

1) Leo Moulin had originally decided that the 'tartoufles' in Casteau's
_Ouverture de Cuisine_ were potatoes, and is said to have changed his
mind in about 1988, and decided that they were in fact truffles.  What
words did Leo Moulin actually write, and in what book or article?

2) Similarly, the web says that Leo Moulin decided that Casteau composed
the work in 1585, which would be 19 years before its publication.  The
web, however, gives nothing by way of citation.  Did Moulin actually
say this, and if so what were his words, and in what book or article?

3) Similarly, the date of Casteau's death is given as 1612 or 1613.
Is there any good source for the date of his death?

4) There were once two web pages giving recipe titles said to be from
a menu for a feast served in 1545 on the third Thursday in Lent by
François I of France at Chambord, mentioning a dish as 'Cartouffle
bouillie' or 'Cartoufle bouillie'.  The two web pages were presumably
based on a common source.  The web pages and menu excerpts no longer
exist.  What was the common source for the pages?

Thanks to all who undertake to do some looking on my behalf,

In Service to the Dream,

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