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I can't tell you anything about the webpages, but "Cartoufle bouillie" is 
almost certainly nothing to do with white potatoes.  The earliest possible 
date, given what we currently know, for potatoes in Europe is 1539 with the 
return of Gonzalo Jiminez de Quesada, Sebastian de Benalcazar, and Niklaus 
Federmann to Spain.  The first known reference to potatoes in Europe is a 
receipt dated 28 November 1567 for the delivery of potatoes from Las Palmas 
to Antwerp (Pirat and Foury, Histoires de legumes, 2003).  I haven't vetted 
the reference, but I think it may be accurate.

As a small interesting aside, de Casteau and Carolus Clusius were both 
residents of Liege at the same time.  There is no connection of which I 
know, but Clusius was in charge of the botanical garden while de Casteau was 
a burgher.  Clusius received his samples of Solanum tuberosum in 1587.


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4) There were once two web pages giving recipe titles said to be from
a menu for a feast served in 1545 on the third Thursday in Lent by
François I of France at Chambord, mentioning a dish as 'Cartouffle
bouillie' or 'Cartoufle bouillie'.  The two web pages were presumably
based on a common source.  The web pages and menu excerpts no longer
exist.  What was the common source for the pages?

Thanks to all who undertake to do some looking on my behalf,

In Service to the Dream,

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