[Sca-cooks] Four queries

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Fri Jun 29 17:54:09 PDT 2012

Thorvald posed four queries this am. 

First query

> 1) Leo Moulin had originally decided that the 'tartoufles' in Casteau's
> _Ouverture de Cuisine_ were potatoes, and is said to have changed his
> mind in about 1988, and decided that they were in fact truffles.  What
> words did Leo Moulin actually write, and in what book or article?

Let’s start with Moulin's 1988 book. The French edition is Les liturgies de la table: une histoire culturelle du manger et du boire. Fonds Mercator ; [Paris] : A. Michel, 1988.

There’s a Dutch edition, German edition, Spanish edition, and a Polish edition.


I have a copy of this oversized coffee table book where in English, it is called

Moulin, Leo. Eating and drinking in Europe: a cultural history. Antwerp : Mercatorfonds, 2002.

And in it one finds that  Chapter III is called “The Great Potato Adventure.” Pages 155-163.

 Moulin goes into their history and the various botanists who first grew and described them in Europe.

Then on page 160 there’s a section called “The First European Consumers.” Here he discusses Lancelot de Casteau and the truffle/potato controversy.

 My best guess is that you need to check out the original French edition and see what it says. You should be able to interlibrary loan either the book or that chapter.

 The English edition has a bibliography but no footnotes. You can see part of the English edition on Google Books & then search under Casteau.



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