[Sca-cooks] Four queries, query 2

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Sat Jun 30 17:56:07 PDT 2012

> The second of the four queries asked:

> 2) Similarly, the web says that Leo Moulin decided that Casteau composed
> the work in 1585, which would be 19 years before its publication.  The
> web, however, gives nothing by way of citation.  Did Moulin actually
> say this, and if so what were his words, and in what book or article?

Henry Notaker in his entry on Casteau mentions these articles:

"Benporat analyzes the Italian influence which he thinks has been acquired through practice and not from books (Lit: P. Hyman PPC 15, Wheaton 56-59, Benporat AG 20: 11-21)." See Notaker's entry in Printed cookbooks in Europe, 1470-1700‬: a bibliography of early modern culinary literature, page 159-160.

I checked PPC 15 and didn't find any notes there by Philip Hyman. I think this may be a reference to Early French Cookery Books (NQ)  which actually appeared in PPC 5,66; Their article on Batatas appears in 4,52. I don't have that issue of Benporat's 

Certainly Scully went with that dating, saying in his edition of Scappi "an instance to which we make some reference in our examination of the Opera is the Ouverture de cuisine of Lancelot de Casteau, written about 1585 and first published in Li`ege in 1604."

http://www.coquinaria.nl/english/recipes/11.5histrecipe.html  suggests that we ought to be looking at another book for more about Casteau's life.

"You can read more about his life in La joyeuse entrée [...] (2009, in French), about the festive entrance of bishop Robert de Berges in the city of Liège in 1557."

That would be:

Pierre LeClerq e.a., La joyeuse entrée du prince-évêque de Liège Robert de Berghes (Livre Timperman, 2009)

Onto query 4


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