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hm  curious.. let me see if I can find a source for the plant...I would love to play with this.
Hm considered noxious in Ontario... tastes a bit like sweet potato.. 
ah and an image

may keep looking into it...


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>Rumpolt has a menu item for "Eyngemachte 
>Erdnüß.", in a section of other recipes of fruit 
>preserved in sugar. 
>Modernly Erdnüß means peanuts, but peanuts are New World.
>Grimm's Deutsches Wörterbuch says Erdnusz means 
>lathyrus tuberosus, malum terrae, erdapfel.
>Per Wikipedia:
>Lathyrus tuberosus, also known as the Tuberous 
>Pea, Tuberous Vetchling,[1] Earthnut Pea, or 
>Aardaker, is a small, climbing perennial plant, 
>native in moist temperate parts of Europe and 
>Western Asia.
>It is occasionally grown as a root vegetable for 
>its edible tuber. The sweet, starchy tubers are 
>edible cooked or raw. Although palatable and 
>nutritious, the crop is hampered by low 
>The infamous Rumpolt "potato" recipe seems to also refer to this root.
>Zugemüß 37.  Erdtepffel.  Schel vnd schneidt sie 
>klein/ quell sie in Wasser/ vnnd druck es wol auß 
>durch ein Härin Tuch/ hack sie klein/ vnd rößt 
>sie in Speck/ der klein geschnitten ist/ nim~ ein 
>wenig Milch darvnter/ vnd laß darmit sieden/ so 
>wirt es gut vnd wolgeschmack.
>37.  Earth apples.  Peel and cut them small/ 
>parboil them in water/ and press it well through 
>a hair cloth/ chop them small/ and roast in 
>bacon/ that is cut small/ take a little milk with 
>it/ and let cook together/ like this it becomes 
>good and well tasting.
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