[Sca-cooks] Theromix? Thermomix?

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Sat May 5 07:03:10 PDT 2012

> Suey said:
> <<< We are renovating our kitchen which looks like a very narrow, tiny
> trolley car. We want to make space for a side by side frig. Also
> Theromix just came to our country so we want to make a pop up cabinet
> for that. With that acquisition we will be getting rid of several
> appliances, thus compacting space in the long run. >>>
> Do you mean a "thermomix"? I can't seem to find much on a "Theromix".
> I'd never heard of one before. I'm a bit skeptical of trying to  combine 
> that many functions into one item. Like making a flying car,  where you 
> have to make so many compromises that you get a substandard  airplane and 
> a substandard car.
> Stefan

The Thermomix is one of those tools for German apartment living that has 
made it everywhere else in the world except the US.  Looking at the specs, 
I'd say it is probably a solid product for non-industrial uses.  It's not a 
new idea, I inherited a 40 year old Ronson Cook n Stir Blender, but 
Thermomix incorporates a couple more gadgets and has a pleasing design.  I'm 
not too hyped about the $1400 price tag (according to WSJ) and I have the 
counter space for the KitchenAide, food processor and blender.  When I 
rework the kitchen in NM, I'll see about upgrading to commercial equipment.

I'd say the problem isn't one of design, it's the planning required to make 
effective use of the features.


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