[Sca-cooks] Theromix? Thermomix?

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sat May 5 17:32:32 PDT 2012

I bought my first thermomix in Spain when the children were little and 
we still have it 30 years hence.
It consists of a a stainless steal jar so to speak with blades to grind 
ingredients and different velocities and a burner underneath. There is a 
thermostat to adjust the temperature as per the recipe. You turn it all 
on and walk away while it makes you chicken in white sauce for instance.
It has just appeared in Chile so we have bought the upgraded one -
Anyway, before and after, it has a system whereby you can make 
mayonnaise, whipped cream, soups, sauces and now even steam foods with 
two layers for one item below for fish for example and another above for 
It does cost about $1400 - depending on where one lives. It was $400 
more here in Chile than in Spain right now.
The end result is that you throw away most of  your appliances like egg 
beaters, food processors - the thermomix grinds coffee, herbs you name 
it. It even has a juicer so you don't need that machine. It is big but 
if you put together all the machines you can give to garage sales you 
will have more room than before in your kitchen cabinets.
As Bear points out it is German made so my 30 year old machine has 
almost no plastic but my new one has a bit more but it looks like its 
more sturdy than my juicer.
I have watched the market for this in Chile for 8 years now. Back then 
it did not exist but there were ads asking for vendors in various 
countries. In order to sell the machine it appears that one must have a 
trustworthy repair shop. They also sell vacuum cleaners and I don't know 
what all. Also the vendors give a free class when you buy the machine, 
cooking classes after that, you are given a free cookbook and there are 
numerous recipes on internet.
In Madrid, I used the repair shop to buy new rubbers for the top that 
seal the jar closed hermetically as I wore those out with age, not 
often,  and had a problem with the blades but it was solved in a day or two.
I cannot understand why the states is not selling this product. It has 
been a permanent fixture in our home in Spain and shall be one here.

On 5/5/12 12:32 PM, sca-cooks-request at lists.ansteorra.org wrote:
> The Thermomix is one of those tools for German apartment living that has
> made it everywhere else in the world except the US.  Looking at the specs,
> I'd say it is probably a solid product for non-industrial uses.  It's not a
> new idea, I inherited a 40 year old Ronson Cook n Stir Blender, but
> Thermomix incorporates a couple more gadgets and has a pleasing design.  I'm
> not too hyped about the $1400 price tag (according to WSJ) and I have the
> counter space for the KitchenAide, food processor and blender.  When I
> rework the kitchen in NM, I'll see about upgrading to commercial equipment.
> I'd say the problem isn't one of design, it's the planning required to make
> effective use of the features.
> Bear
> Greetings! For those who aren't regular readers of SCAtoday.net, 
> here's a new posting about Sir Kenelm Digby and his use of eggs: 
> http://phys.org/news/2012-04-egg-cetera-eggs-fifteen-whites.html I 
> have a hunch that Digby isn't the only cookery book author that 
> records recipes with oodles of eggs. (There's that infamous one that 
> starts "Take a thousand eggs or more".) But, you might find the 
> professor's comments interesting. Alys K. 

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