[Sca-cooks] Theromix? Thermomix? now spice racks

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>As far as other space saving ideas...
>A compact and convenient way to store spices. Many of my spice jars 
>are in a vertical wire rack inside the cupboard door, but that was 
>filled long ago, and now they are in various, sometimes difficult to 
>look through, areas around the kitchen and deep on cupboard shelves.

I've mentioned this before (you even put it in the Florilegium), but 
I have a rack that stores spice jars on their sides, that fits 
between the counter top and the top cupboards, very conveniently to 
hand.  Actually a group of three racks like this stood on end.

I have a wine rack somewhat like that. I have one of those wire spice rack
thingos fixed to a wall - it was the largest we could find and takes about
40 spice jars, but has slightly less than that because we have bigger jars
of things like cinnamon and ginger. We also have a small bookcase, designed
to take things the size of Readers Digest magazines that sits on the
countertop. We mainly use this for larger jars/tubs/packets. This is
particularly handy because it has a little drawer you can keep flat packets
of spices in. Then there's the feast tub, wherein I keep the _big_ packets
of stuff I've bought in bulk for feasts.


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