[Sca-cooks] Thermomix is the "flying car"

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Mon May 7 17:29:04 PDT 2012

> Stefan wrote:  I'd never heard of one before. I'm a bit skeptical of 
> trying to combine that many functions into one item. Like making a 
> flying car, where you have to make so many compromises that you get a 
> substandard airplane and a substandard car. 
No way, I have had a thermomix in Madrid for 30 years. To make white 
sauce, or whatever you put all the ingredients in the jar and turn on 
the heat, the grinding rate and the minutes necessary to make it. You do 
not need a food processor, juicers, egg beaters, coffee grinders et al. 
You can make mayonnaise, whip cream, sauces, soups, chop herbs - 
whatever. It has a dish to put meat in to cook with the sauce 
underneath. The company gives free demonstrations, cooking classes, 
cookbooks. The technical service is excellent  - everything.  Being a 
German based company it is sturdy, not cheap plastic that burns out in 5 
years or so. I did not have one before in Chile as it was not sold when 
we came.
The one we just bought also steams food and has two layers so two 
different foods can be steamed at the same time - thus the elimination 
of the steamer pot.
The bottom line is that when the "flying car," as Steven calls it, is 
cooking and stirring the dish, you are spending quality time with family 
and friends instead for standing over a hot stove.

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