[Sca-cooks] Minor rant - allergies and following directions

Laureen Hart lhart at graycomputer.com
Thu May 10 17:00:15 PDT 2012

HAHAHA I had forgotten the yeast one, it made no sense at all, and it still
crops up.

The Hypoglycemia was complicated by the fact that normal bad eating habits
can look a lot like it. Again, probably a real annoyance to actual

Fibromyalgia seems to get the same set of wannabees that chronic fatigue
syndrome had. And the sheer number of people who say they have it, make
others disbelieve that it is real, so the real sufferers get scorn instead
of help.

"An Apple a Day" is a generally good book for sorting out some of the hype
about food. http://www.edwardrhamilton.com/titles/2/5/4/254380x.html Not
perfect, but one of the best I have found. I got it at the library before I
bought my own copy.


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A few years ago it was lactose, a few years before that was the yeast 
thing (anything with yeast was supposed to be bad, never mind that yeast 
is in the air and is present in all of your food, to some extent). I 
remember the 'hypoglycemia' fad. I have to wonder what comes next.

Liutgard, who is feeling a bit cranky now

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