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We found a happy and balance way to meet the needs of both gluten free, all levels of diabetics and sodium concerns. Interestingly, the Celiac Spru Research Association and American Diabetes Associations have linked together for research. They are finding that a balanced and gluten free diet helps both dietary needs. The trick we found, and Bear mentioned this idea in a previous post, the diet must be from scratch and fresh. The new instant gluten free products out there are high in sugar (rice and tapioca flour is naturally high on the glycemic  index) and sodium. 
Americans are a fast food nation and it has also trickled down into this arena too.
Our family has a double whamy. My husband is Type 2 diabetic insulin resistant which requires a sugar free and low sodium diet. The kids and I are gluten free because of Celiac disease. I was determine not to have 100 different food items in the house. When we found that we all would benefit from the same diet we leaped at it. We are also biodynamically organic too.

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On 11/05/2012 4:37 p.m., Saint Phlip wrote:
> Well, a diabetic diet ought to be easy to accommodate for, because a
> diabetic diet is what the rest of us OUGHT to be eating ;-)

Pretty much. I'm certainly not claiming that I should win the Nutrition 
Cup-- I like cheese pies and candied quinces as well as the next person, 
and rich treats are important in every kind of medieval and renaissance 
cuisine.  I just think that *most* of the meal should be reasonably 
healthy and balanced, that there should be enough variety to allow some 
choice, and that the rich treats are best enjoyed in smaller quantities.

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