[Sca-cooks] Thermomix and 3 classes of cooks!

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sun May 13 15:00:22 PDT 2012

On 5/12/12 3:04 PM, sca-cooks-request at lists.ansteorra.org wrote:
> I do my blade related stuff with a cutting board and a knife [size of 
> knife depends on what I am cutting], I make my bread by hand in a bowl 
> and a loaf tin and oven, I have a food processor I have not taken out 
> of the cupboard in 10 years. I have a blender that i use to make 
> slushy drinks. I had a stick blender, but haven't touched that in 
> about 15 years. Last time I made my potage puree des haricots I ran it 
> through a food mill, and last time I needed to powder galengale I used 
> a mortar and pestle. I make soup in a pot on the stove or wood stove, 
> and i microwave cold leftovers to heat them up. Ask Phlip, she lives 
> with us. I will admit to a vacuum sealer and sous vide, and a foreman 
> grill [though last I checked we haven't used the foreman grill in 
> about a year....]
In Elizabeth Gilbert's book "Committed," she relates overhearing her 
future husband saying to a guest, 'the wife's position is in the kitchen 
with her feet in the air, sipping wine, watching her husband cook.' My 
husband believes that a wife´s position is in the living room sipping 
wine with her husband playing footzy with her husband while the maid cooks.

This brings us down to two classes of SCA participants. There are those 
who cook and don't need robats or electrical appliances of any kind like 
my grandmother, a gourmet cook. Then there are historians who prefer to 
spend the day sitting on cold dirty library floors lost in dusty old 
archives like myself. This system works for those like Ms Gilbert who 
have husbands who like to cook. In my case, when neither a husband or a 
maid is possible, its the robot that has to take over the cooking!

My son is a gourmet cook, which brings us down to a third class of 
possible SCA members. As he lives in the states he does not have a 
thermomix but he has just purchased a slow cooker, which is great as he 
participates in outward bound and things like that so on Saturdays he 
can invite without having to stay home all day cooking. Further, when he 
comes home from work every day he prepares dinner from scratch but does 
use steamers and I don't know what.

So we have the true cooks who need no appliances, the half way house who 
have only have what they need and then we have the dumb bells like 
myself but lets give then a noble title like 'the intellects' who have 
trouble opening a can of beans but can program a cooking machine!

I love my thermomix!

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