[Sca-cooks] Caciocavallo cheese and Fondu???

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Wed May 16 14:41:46 PDT 2012

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I wrote:
Lladonosa maintains that there is a medieval document stating that this 
cheese is made from mare's milk called "cascavalll" but Italian 
dictionaries do not substantiate this. Carroll-Mann in ftn 104 of her 
Nola translation states that his could be cheese from Caciocavallo, 
Italy, where the cheese is make from cow's milk.

On 5/14/12 5:59 PM, mrsamper commented on my blog:
> mrsamper has left a new comment on your post "BRUFALINO WITH 15TH C 
> This is a very strange recipe, though it could seem more familiar than 
> many. First, I suppose brufalino was know only in Italian territories 
> belonging to Aragon, and not in the Iberian Peninsula, even if the 
> marshes around Valencia (for instance) could have provided a good 
> habitat for buffalos, but I have never heard of buffalos in Spain. 
> Secondly, the "thick" soups and the consistence remind me rather of a 
> cheese fondue. I imagine this will upset French ans Swiss, but so it 
> is. As in fondue, the kind of cheese and the ingredients used to 
> emulsionate the mixture is essential: just change one of them and 
> you'll find a kind of rubber ball in the pan!
> Caciocavallo has nothing to do with horses: "cacio" has the same latin 
> root as "queso" and even "cheese", while the most common Italian word 
> "formaggio" and the French "fromage" refer to the form used to give 
> shape to the mixture.

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