[Sca-cooks] Trdelnik query

lilinah at earthlink.net lilinah at earthlink.net
Sun May 27 14:58:50 PDT 2012

David/Cariadoc wrote:
> We're currently in Prague, which seems a very pleasant city to visit. 
> One of the local products, mainly for tourists, is a pastry called 
> "Trdelnik," which is claimed to be old. It's made by wrapping dough 
> around a wooden cylinder then "baking" it over coals, continually 
> turning the cylinder.
> Does anyone here know if it's period, and if there are any period 
> recipes? It's another way of producing pastry without an oven, in 
> addition to our two Islamic frying pan pastries, so might be useful for 
> Pennsic and similar contexts.

ISTR a recipe in ibn Sayyar al-Warraq for a pastry cooked around a stick, although i seriously doubt it could be an antecedent to Prague's. I don't have iSaW with me, so i can't reproduce the recipe right now.

OTOH, making a cloche-type charcoal oven using ceramic-y stuff from a garden shop would be easy enough at Pennsic. Someone successfully did that in the West-An Tir War Cooks' Camp 2 years ago - maybe even last year, but i was sick and couldn't go.


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